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Tangerang district government Boyong All Top BUMD Awards

Tangerang – The Tangerang Regency Government won four awards at the Top BUMD Awards 2022 which was held at the Raffles Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (20/4/22).

The four awards are the 2022 BUMD Top Trustees category which was received directly by the Tangerang Regent Ahmed Zaki Iskandar, the 2022 BUMD Top CEO received by the President Director of Perumdam TKR Sofyan Sapar. In addition, Perumdam TKR also received the 2022 Golden Trophy and Top 5 Star BUMD Award for PDAM BUMD. In 2022, the Tangerang Regency Government through Perumdam TKR won the highest ranking because it has won the top 5 Star BUMD Award category three times.

After receiving the award, Regent Zaki expressed his gratitude because Perumdam Tirta Kerta Raharja again received the Top BUMD award from Top Bisnis Magazine. Regent Zaki hopes that this achievement will not make you arrogant and complacent because there are still many challenges ahead, especially the service network in the area and the location of new residential housing locations.

“This includes future housing areas, rural settlements that still need piped drinking water networks. So hopefully this award can be a motivation for Perumdam TKR to continue to do better in the future,” said Regent Zaki.


On the same occasion, the President Director of Perumdam TKR Sofyan Sapar said that the achievement for the third time in a row was obtained because of the support and support from the Tangerang Regent. According to him, the support from the Regent is Perumdam TKR’s strength to continue to carry out the construction of clean water network infrastructure for the people of Tangerang Regency, at least reaching 60% of the Tangerang Regency RPJMD target.

“The target that must be achieved in order to achieve clean water for all people in Tangerang Regency is our duty and responsibility. This award is a motivation for all employees and all levels of Perumdam TKR,” he stressed.

Meanwhile Moh. Maesyal Rasyid as the TKR Perumdam Council revealed that with the authority and main function of the TKR Perumdam Supervisory Board, while carrying out its duties for the past 1 year, he has always communicated and coordinated with the entire board of directors in order to stay focused on the main goal of TKR Perumdam which is to improve clean water services to the community in Tangerang.

“We, in accordance with the authority of the TKR Perumdam Board of Trustees, also carry out joint evaluations with the board of directors every three months. We continue to conduct evaluations so that Perumdam’s performance continues to improve. And thank God we were able to win this award even for the third time in a row,” he said.

(Protocol and Communication Section for the Regional Secretariat of Tangerang Regency)
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