Banten Police Bidpropam Secures Health Checkup for National Police Officer Admission in 2022

Serang – In order to prevent irregularities from corruption, collusion, nepotism (KKN), the Banten Regional Police Bidpropam carried out security and supervision of the Banten Regional Committees (Panda) in the Health Checks for the Integrated Admissions Selection for Police Officers in Wave 1 of the Banten Police, which was held at the Banten Police Multipurpose Hall . on Monday (18/04).

The Health Examination consisted of blood tests, EKG examinations, urine examinations and X-rays, followed by 153 people.

On another occasion, the Head of Propam and Propam of the Banten Police, Kombes Pol. Yudho Hermanto, said. “That Propam is an internal security within the Polri environment by supervising Polri members who carry out tasks or activities in the field, in order to avoid criminal acts, violations of the Polri Professional Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Violations of Polri Members, especially members of the Banten Regional Police,” said Yudho Hermanto.


Yudho Hermanto also conveyed. “For the 2022 National Police NCO recruitment selection activity, we have assigned four personnel to carry out security and supervision in these activities, and every activity must report to us,” said Yudho Hermanto.

In the end, as long as the activity was running safely, orderly, smoothly and conducively, there were no Discipline Violations or the Police Professional Code of Ethics, and during the activities following the Covid-19 Prokes. (Bidhumas).



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